God rewards diligent ang great virtue can carry on the outer world.Ever since it was set up,Shengguo Labor Service Co.;Ltd. in Dalian Development Zone has touched customers with sincerity an won its development with service. It has overcome all kindss of difficulties. Recollecting the hard pioneering days,today' s prosperity makes us exciting and it shall be congratulated.

We change as the time change and develop ourselves with trand! "To Make the Most Reliable Lobar Service Enterprise!" is not only the ideal of Shengguo,but also a goal that everyone in Shengguo is fighting for. Therefore, we introduce more scientific management mode, promote our service level and expand our service area and management scope, which makes the customers acquire the most effective service when they choose Shengguo and contributes to developent of Chinese labor service.

One's pursuit will never have an end. We dare not slack when faced with the future, for we always keep the following notes in our mind:there are numerous clients who want high-class labor service wating dor us; there are tens of thousands of people who are eager for jobs wating for us. Due to this plain value and resolute belief, we persist to develop forward and ment challenges and new progress with more enthusiasm and enddeavor. At the same time, we will build blueprint and develop for a brighter future with friends in all areas sincerely and corporately.